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Creative Devices Chairman

DR. Eng.Umesh Kumar B. M.
B.C.A, B.E, M.B.A, D.Hon


Trainer for:

Karnataka State Fire & Emergency Services GOK

Creative Devices has also made a “Universal Key” which can enable firemen to rescue easily & open a jammed lift without the need to break down the door. The Universal Key is very useful in an emergency, “I have trained more than 1000 firemen including higher Officials from all over the state on Rescue of Trapped Passengers form the elevator how to open the doors, and give them regular training on Usage of Lifts Rescuing the Passengers incase of Fire or Electric Short Circuit etc so these people can also help if the elevator industry rescue personnel are not available. He is a Honorary faculty for Karnataka Fire & Emergency Services Government Of Karnataka and this is the first time it has happened in elevator industry, ”Dr Umesh says. ”It’s our initiative. I have taught them dos and don’ts, made an instructions chart to put in all doors. With technology changing constantly, we also update these instruction sheets, “he adds.

Training to fireman through Elevator rescue on trapped passenger

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