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Gearless Elevators is designed to add real value to you building by maximising the comfort safety & superior ride for the convenience of passengers. we have a wide range of features with smooth acceleration & high leveling accuracy. New genration elevators's are efficient & suitable for Residential apartments & Commercial properties, the collection includes stylish car interiors to create unique ambience with optimal elevator solution

Technical Specification

Suitable for: Commercial Bilding Residential Apartments, Factory, Office, Villas, Bungalows.
Power 1 or 3 Phase
Capacity Upto 6 Passenger
Speed 0.30 mps to 0.92 mps
Travel Up to 5 Stops G+4
Car S. S. M.S. Glass
Door Semi Automatic, Automatic
Power Required 1 or 3 Phase.
Motor capacity 1, 2 or 3 H.P
Operating System Hydraulic


  • Machine rommleess with
  • Gearless Machines
  • Low Noise
  • Easy Installation
  • Short head room
  • Small pit
  • Efficient v3 f drive system
  • Automatic risk device
  • Overload Function
  • With Biometric / Access control

Special Features

  • Power Saving
  • Compact Design
  • Proven & Reliable Technology
  • Innovative durable Materials
  • Inbuilt Dynamic Braking Unit
  • High Quality Performance
  • Rescue operation Function
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