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By this device small quantities of goods can be moved fast, easy & safe between various floors of buildings, its based on an improved design & modified to suit the Indian conditions, special systems and car are made as per customers needs.

Advantages of Creative Dumbwaiter

  • Low cost, Low space requirement.
  • Fast installation, low maintenance, low operation cost.
  • This lift doesn't require Head room, Pit & 4 sided walls
  • Less Power consumption
  • Works on single phase also
  • This is an Attachable and Detachable portable Lift.
  • Lower Capacity of stand by U.P.S or generator, if reqd.
  • This can be fitted on Old buildings and new buildings.
  • General Lifts are not available for one floor.
  • Cost of Pillar and side walls can be saved.
  • This can be fitted Inside or Out side.

Advantages of Creative Dumbwaiter

Capacity 1kg to 2 tons
Tray Size Made to Order.
Type of Car Box, Tray, Cage
Type of Lifting Hydraulic, Hoist or Chain
Lifting Speed Made to Order
Height of Lift G + 1 to G + 5
Power Required 1 or 3 Phase.
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