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Rescue Vehicle


This vehicle is unique, in the fact that it is probably the only one globally, Dr. Umesh says. On the grounds of Corporate Social Responsibility we have launched this special Vehicle it works like a Ambulance with all Inbuilt Safety Measures ”The vehicle is stocked with Tools kit, Universal Key, Fire Extinguishers, Oxygen, Medical First Aid Kit & all sort of Emergency systems with Mechanical & Electrical technicians inside. People can call the toll free number if they are stuck in the elevator. Since it is an emergency, we had requested the Police to give us traffic passes like ambulances. So that we can ensure these Rescue vehicles can rush wherever they are needed at the earliest,” he says. “I have taken special permission to have blue cap, siren. It will be stocked with safety ropes and some components, but it will not do repair, service, or maintenance - only rescue, and come back. This vehicle I am attaching to the Karnataka Fire & Emergency Services GOK free of cost from our end. If fire department gets a call, may be the lift brand people will also follow. This is an additional vehicle for the govt support. This is needed everywhere.

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