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Creative Devices:

Set up in 2008 by Eng. Dr. Umesh Kumar, Creative Devices was conceptualised for aiding vertical transportation for the aged and physically challenged, Having worked in global companies like MICO, BOSCH Germany, & Alfanar Electrical Systems Saudi Arabia, Dr. Umesh was enthusiastic for bringing in those technologies to create elevators more for the handicapped and elderly, than making it a commercial venture outright.

Since BOSCH was a pioneer in Hydraulics and he worked in the world class technology environment of hydraulic applications, Dr. Umesh decided to use hydraulic technologies to manufacture lifts for this segment.

In 2006 I Entered Elevator Industry there were very few elevator companies, and you could count them on your fingers. Creative Devices started in 2008 to manufacture lift for aged and handicapped people, to help physically challenged people. We had no concept to make big commercial elevators. It was with cabins with hydraulic concept,

So he created a small elevators and took a trial, then made for one fancy store, to take small goods up and down - a small tray to put the items to billing counter. That’s how it started. Thereafter he made home lifts for helping the ailing and elderly move up and down in smaller homes. These were custom built lifts and which can be assemble in a very less space. It can be used in any form of the existing building structures without even the need of a particular space assigned for the lift.

CD worked continuously to upgrade technologies and their product, to make sure it matched international standards of ISO 9001:2015 & are having the Technical Collaboration with the foreign Countries & Import all Crucial parts for Manufacturing & Installation these lifts have given him a good market standing over a period of a decade.

iso certificate

The effort, Research & development Supported with technology in promotions of Quality & safety have resulted in providing more reliable & efficient Elevators , The blend of Indian & Italian Customised elevators with Design , Asthetics & Safety has made Creative devices to install number of elevators all over India in huge numbers , CD gives Consultation on Planning & Design

But being merely an elevator company was not satisfying enough or DR. Umesh Kumar. He could see the lacuna in the industry, not in terms of operations but in terms of what needed to be done for the people who work for it, and the consumers who rely so heavily on these machines for their safety and ease. The result was many philanthropic initiatives which are being absorbed by the government bodies, to make it available as widely as possible.

With a concept of “DEDICATED TO SERVE” Dr. Umesh has won a number of awards & Rewards Nationally & Internationally for his renowned works He has been Awarded Doctorate from Colombia University and we have got numerous awards – the Glory of India award. Bharath Vibhushan award, Udhyoga Bharthi award, Rashtriya Nirman Rathna award, Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini award, He has also garnered the Indian Leadership award for industrial development, SME Excellence award in Leadership qualities for Elevator industry and Sir. M Vishveshwariah award for engineering excellence. These are just a few of his commendations. His work for the elevator industry has some interesting innovative concepts.

Creative Devices has Launched KARMIKA BANDHU

The main Purpose of this Scheme is to act as a RESCUE POT & Helping hands for Employees / Technicians & their Family

Those who have come across accidents/ incidents while working in Installation of LIFTS & Elevators by this if any impairment or disability has occurred we shall extend Medical Facilities , Insurances & Scholarship facilities for children’s Education & Financial Assistances CD believes in Employees Strength & Medical Fitness to run the organisation CD stands by the Health of Technicians & their Family , they also conduct Mega Health Check Up Camps every year and helps voluntarily for any cause.

In fact any technicians and worker from any brand of elevator support will get free aid,” he says. “Many people in Karnataka region have available of these facilities till now this is the new concept that has come for the first time.

Universal Key

Creative Devices has also made a “Universal Key” which can enable firemen to rescue easily & open a jammed lift without the need to break down the door. The Universal Key is very useful in an emergency,

“I have trained more than 1000 firemen including higher Officials from all over the state on Rescue of Trapped Passengers form the elevator how to open the doors, and give them regular training on Usage of Lifts Rescuing the Passengers incase of Fire or Electric Short Circuit etc so these people can also help if the elevator industry rescue personnel are not available. He is a Honorary faculty for Karnataka Fire & Emergency Services Government Of Karnataka and this is the first time it has happened in elevator industry, ”Dr Umesh says. ”It’s our initiative. I have taught them dos and don’ts, made an instructions chart to put in all doors. With technology changing constantly, we also update these instruction sheets, “he adds.


The only thing that he needs, Dr. Umesh says, is support from elevator industry. ”W e need to have a proper association. I have set up the Karnataka Hydraulic Elevator Manufacturers Association, and run it for the last ten years, and am still heading it. During the inauguration of the ETC premises, it was the first time all departments concerned with the industry came under one roof and saw the potential in Karnataka. “ He speaks on behalf of the engineers and elevator industry to support staff, ”Karnataka has 1 lakh elevator personnel, and even a day of shutdown. It’s a huge responsibility, working 24X7. But no one recognises us- elevator industry staff works every day all week, and no one appreciates. We need some space in the whole country, we need to really fight hard and be united.”

Creative Devices has a Elevator Rescue Vehicle.

This vehicle is unique, in the fact that it is probably the only one globally, Dr. Umesh says. On the grounds of Corporate Social Responsibility we have launched this special Vehicle it works like a Ambulance with all Inbuilt Safety Measures ”The vehicle is stocked with Tools kit, Universal Key, Fire Extinguishers, Oxygen, Medical First Aid Kit & all sort of Emergency systems with Mechanical & Electrical technicians inside.

People can call the toll free number if they are stuck in the elevator. Since it is an emergency, we had requested the Police to give us traffic passes like ambulances. So that we can ensure these Rescue vehicles can rush wherever they are needed at the earliest,” he says. “I have taken special permission to have blue cap, siren. It will be stocked with safety ropes and some components, but it will not do repair, service, or maintenance - only rescue, and come back. This vehicle I am attaching to the Karnataka Fire & Emergency Services GOK free of cost from our end. If fire department gets a call, may be the lift brand people will also follow. This is an additional vehicle for the govt support. This is needed everywhere.


Our aim is to exceed Customers expectations, providing the most reliable & efficient solutions in the elevator industry, through manufacturing excellence and the continuous development of our products and processes


To become an undisputed market leader in the elevator industry and to achieve highest level of quality with great degree of efficiency


To help our Clients to meet their requirements through our innovative product , service and solution

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