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Hydraulic Lifts

Innovate your lift is a unique design manufactured by Creative Devices with global technology partner renowned Italian company Hydronic lift, Our Hydraulic Home Elevator is cost effective with superior comfort & having different styles of decoration to match & suit the the architectural barriers by unique model, it is based on efficient Installing techniques be it indoor or outdoor it is customised according to the measurement of the installation location with most advanced technologies & saafety operations with Auto landing, Auto Homing facility there by giving us the low maintenance & running cost with pleasure to ride


Technical Specification

Suitable For : Houses, Villas, Bungalows, old/ New Buildings, Residential Apartments, Office, Factory
Power 1 or 3 Phase
Capacity Upto 6 Passenger
Speed 0.30 mps to 0.92 mps
Travel Up to 5 Stops G+4
Car S. S. M.S. Glass
Door Semi Automatic, Automatic
Power Required 1 or 3 Phase.
Motor capacity 1, 2 or 3 H.P
Operating System Hydraulic


  • No pit/ machine Room
  • No three Side wall
  • Rope Slack safety
  • Low Noise
  • Oil Temperature
  • Protection phase reversal
  • Over load Protection
  • Low space Requirement
  • Low operation cost
  • Lower capacity of stand by generator/ UPS
  • Cost of Pillar , Space and side walls can be saved

Special Features

  • Auto Relevelling
  • Anti Descent
  • Auto light/ Fan with music
  • Less power consumption
  • Power Req only while going up
  • Auto landing in case of power failure
  • With biometric/ Access Control system
  • Long troble free operating life
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