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Creative Devices Chairman

DR. Eng. Umesh Kumar B.M.B.C.A, B.E, M.B.A, D.Hon



Karnataka Hydraulic Elevator manufacturers Association (R)

The only thing that he needs, Dr. Umesh says, is support from elevator industry. ”W e need to have a proper association. I have set up the Karnataka Hydraulic Elevator Manufacturers Association, and run it for the last ten years, and am still heading it. During the inauguration of the ETC premises, it was the first time all departments concerned with the industry came under one roof and saw the potential in Karnataka. “ He speaks on behalf of the engineers and elevator industry to support staff, ”Karnataka has 1 lakh elevator personnel, and even a day of shutdown. It’s a huge responsibility, working 24X7. But no one recognises us- elevator industry staff works every day all week, and no one appreciates. We need some space in the whole country, we need to really fight hard and be united.”

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