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Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators are easier to install, maintain, and operate than traditional elevators. They are especially ideal for existing homes due to their compact design because excavating a pit, and hoist way are not required. Air pressure above and beneath the elevator cab are the key to transporting.

A light and resistant structure built with aluminium and polycarbonate. By simple principles of physics; the difference in air pressure above and beneath the vacuum elevator cab literally transports you by air. It is the vacuum pumps or turbines that pull you up to the next Floor and the slow release of air pressure that floats you down.

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators (PVE) offers three residential elevator models:

  • Single passenger residential elevator
  • Two passenger residential elevator
  • Three passenger residential elevator


  • Speed: 0.15m / seconds
  • No. of stop: Upto 3
  • Doors: Rotate through 180°
  • Power Supply: 22A, 230 Volts, Single Phase
  • Motor Power: 3.7 Kw
  • Capaciyt: 150 Kg
  • Total Weight: 660 lbs (for 10' lifting height - 2 stops), 990 lbs. (for 20' lifting height - 3 stops)
  • Pit: No Pit
  • Shalf: Not required
  • Machine Room: Not required
  • Safety pressure switch:
    • On free fall elevator brakes within 2 inches
    • On electricity cut-off the vacuum elevator automatically descends to ground floor
    • Alarm system in cabin
    • Emergency ventilation
    • Door safety
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