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personal lifts

By this safely moving device persons can move fast, easy and safe between various floors of buildings on their own. This is based on an Improved design and modified to suit the Indian conditions. Suits any old or new building, be it indoor or outdoor application, cabin is designed to accommodate maximum a wheel chair and two persons.

Advantages Compared to Passenger Lift

  • This lift does not require Head room, Pit or Four Pillars and Three side wall.
  • This can be fitted on Old buildings and New buildings, Inside or Out side.
  • This is an Attachable and Detachable portable Lift.
  • Low cost, Low space requirement.
  • Fast installation, low maintenance, low operation cost.
  • Power required only while going up - Less Power Consumption.
  • Auto landing facility Available Incase of power failure
  • Or you can come down manually through Hydraulic valve
  • Lower Capacity of stand by U.P.S or generator, if reqd.
  • Generally Lifts are not available for one floor.
  • Cost of Pillar , Space and side walls can be saved

Technical Specifications

Rated Load 500 lbs. ( 267kgs )
Car Size 45" X 45" Max X 7' H
Type of Lifting Hydraulic / Hoist.
Lifting Speed 4 – 6 Mts. / Min.
Car In-line opening.
Height of Lift G + 1 to G + 5 Max.
Power Required 1 or 3 Phase.
Motor capacity 1, 2 or 3 H.P
Pit Depth No pit required.