Creative Devices, India's First Personal Lift Service and Manufacturer.

Creative Devices was formed initially by a thought process on the older people who suffer from many ailments and find it difficult to climb the stairs in small apartments and houses. This is when the personal Lifts took shape. We design custom built lifts and which can be assemble in a very less space. It can be used in any form of the existing building structures without even the need of a particular space assigned for the lift.

Our Lifts come in different varieties and it can be custom built according to your requirements as well as the power consumption is equally maintained. Our Lifts adhere to the hydraulic method and use power only while lifting and does not use power for return.

Creative devices is equipped with the latest Technology and machinery required for General fabrication, Machining and Assembly of Standard and Special purpose equipments/ systems. We are in constant up-gradation of our standards to the international standards to meet all the safety requirements to the end user.

Our proven designs are rugged as they incorporate the latest safety features like Rotary limit switches in the Electric Hoist, Limit Switches for stopping lift at various floors, Electronically controlled door locks etc.

Satisfied customers stand testimony to reliability of our equipments. The quality is the watchword at every step of manufacturing process of every customized products in our organization.