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Information Technology (IT) brings along with it big opportunities for today's managers and technopreneurs. But it also brings in big challenges and along with it huge investments and huge recurring expenses as well. Requirements from business managers and end users are increasing every day, e.g. the demand for around-the-clock support from systems as well as from support personnel, the demand for system mobility, flexibility and new applications in a fast pace. The most challenging task is to have a nil or very minimal downtime of various multi IT platforms and ensuring availability of all types of skilled manpower for an effective IT Infrastructure.

Costs are increasing, especially the workforce costs and the hidden costs, i.e. the cost of system downtime, the cost of poor support etc. In addition, finding and keeping the IT skills within the company can be difficult and costly. New technologies require new training and sometimes new support software.

Outsourcing, the process of contracting an external organization to provide a service necessary for a company's operations, is gaining in popularity as firms realize the true benefits. While small organizations have turned to outsourcing for years as a means to cut costs, an entire industry has evolved to serve the diverse outsourcing needs of companies both large and small.

The cost and ever-increasing complexity of running in-house IT systems can be burdensome to firms of any size.

Here is where Creative Groupís IT Service Management Portfolio along with our "Value Based Proposition" Business strategy can help you to overcome this scenario and helps you to cut down on IT infrastructure downtime and at the same time decrease your recurring IT expenditure.