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Creative Information Technology Solutions & services were set up by a group of dynamic professionals who bring in over five decades of collective experience. Leveraging their vast exposure to Creative Group of Companies, IT applications, Internet, Business Operations, Strategy, and Product Marketing, the team behind Creative IT Solutions & Services has been instrumental to the success of various companies. A relentless quest for developing innovative, cost-effective solutions has been the driving factor that makes the team exhibit a high level of energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to our customers.

Creative Information Technology Solutions & services is a leading provider in Software Development solutions with services such as offshore software development, Web Development, Enterprise Solutions, Offshore software development, Web-Enablement Designing, Offshore Application development, Multimedia and Design Solutions, Search Engine Optimization Services and Mobile Technology Development."

Product Development
Today’s successful software product companies need to react quickly to constantly changing market conditions. Product development challenges include the ability to support multiple product versions, continuous upgrades, country specific regulations, multi-currency and multi-lingual capabilities. We provide expertise in identifying and implementing the appropriate technology to solve your unique challenges using well-defined methodologies.

Creative Devices is committed to helping you delivering world-class products. We function as a virtual extension of our customer’s product development team reducing total cost of ownership and time to market. This enables our clients to focus on their customer‘s needs, achieve better product positioning, and enhance customer satisfaction.

If you are a startup with a great idea and domain expertise, Creative Devices is the perfect development partner for you. We are a high end product development partner who manages the three inter-dependent variables of product development - time, resources, and scope. We ensure a successful product release and allow you to focus on sales & marketing and business development.

Product Enhancement
In today’s competitive market, software product companies must continually evaluate customer needs and expectations, upgrading products both in terms of features and abilities as well as technology advancements.

The process of updating and upgrading the product revolves around:
  • Identifying new functionalities that satisfy the needs of customers and incorporating them into existing products
  • Using universally accepted industry standards and formats like EDI, XML, etc
  • Improving the performance
  • Adaptation to web, mobile based services
Product Testing
Creative Devices offers comprehensive Independent Testing and Verification services to software product companies using a robust onsite-offshore delivery model. Our testing services include test strategy and planning, functionality, usability, configuration, performance, test automation and regression testing. Our dedicated testing labs adhere to the highest levels of security, and our testing methodologies minimize project risk while ensuring high quality levels for our clients.

Product Maintenance
Creative Devices services on product maintenance address the common problem prevalent in many product companies with existing products.

Most enterprise products face a problem in supporting their installed base on legacy versions of the product. A significant investment needs to be made to maintain multiple versions of an old code base, many times on older technologies, to support existing clients until they can be persuaded to migrate to newer versions of the product.

Our product maintenance services help our clients support their existing products and customers cost effectively, while concentrating their in-house expertise in building new products or versions.

We work with our clients to first define their business objectives on how long they would like to support the product and what is the level of investment they are planning to make into it. We then assemble a team that has the required expertise and matches their budgetary constraints. This team works with our clients' product teams to take over their code base (often with very little existing documentation) and maintain it for the life of the product. They also work with the clients' technical support teams to ensure product issues are addressed within specified Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Creative Devices provides reliable top quality support and maintenance services. Our product support team is comprised of domain and technology experts who are able to provide quality support 24/7. We can provide a customized product maintenance package, in which Creative Devices takes complete responsibility for maintaining the client’s product. This allows clients to re-allocate their valuable resources to strategic initiatives, optimize resource utilization and contain costs.